The soul would say…

Yes, I am your pain but I am also your peace and your power

Know always 

that I am aware and able. –

I recently was told to reflect on the things that cause me the most pain or sadness because those are the things I love the most. This could be a list. It likely will be.

Things that cause me pain/sadness:

Thoughts about my grandfather, the times I spend with him I get a deep sense into the world and into myself. I’m told he is my spirit and my advocate, which all makes sense now. About 10 years ago when he said “none of this matters” I never understood that until now. He doesn’t need to make his presence known by being loud and having an opinion on everything. He has a spirit of joy and non-judgement that I connect with.

Feeling empty, I know now that connection is a huge part of my value system.

Someone I put too much emotional reliance on, judged, and am no longer speaking with until I get my self love and self-energy.

Self Love, just the thought of it strikes a knife in my heart. It doesn’t feel deserving. Gradually, it will become natural. I believe that.

The soul/spirit is what you feed it. It is that space, the source of all emotions. This is a growing post where I hope to learn something about my identity.


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