Sitting in Tim Horton’s, “I don’t like that what old people do” (come to Tim Horton’s to sit and talk). “I like to go to the garage (his trucking business) make my own coffee, maybe start a fire.”

But you have a following of people you stop in to visit you. “Yeah, but sometimes I’d prefer to be alone.” (Laughing)

My grandfather grew up in a house in the late 1930’s, where his father grew vegetables and beans and his mother baked all the rolls. When he went to serve in Korea he took a train from Presque Isle, Maine to San Fransico and didn’t eat for 3 days – no money. When I heard that I was taken aback by the silent discipline of this man doing what he could in those hard times. He told me his mother and father would write to him in Korea and he still has the letters. My grandfather had 20 dollars to his name when he was married in 1955. They bought a trailer and if the landlord hadn’t helped them out with 2 months rent, they “wouldn’t have made it.”

After getting on their feet, they pushed forward. They have been operating a profitable wood hauling business throughout the northern Maine woods and the United States for over 50 years.

MTK, Inc.

I am blessed to hear the stories from this astounding person. His grace and gentleness are a part of me. I can feel his love and spirit with me. That’s a connection, a link that will only help me grow into the person who I am meant to be.