What Do I Believe I Deserve in Life?

I believe I deserve happiness daily, we say. What do we really believe we deserve in this life?

I believe I deserve…

Gratefulness for my body, mind, & soul as part of this universe.

A strong sense of spirituality – groundedness, non-attachment, gratitude,

Connection to my breath, my belief in myself as a vessel for good,

Connection and a relationship to the universe, nature, the sounds of the wind and the stars,


I believe I deserve to breathe deeply

And act solely within my values,

act freely

whilst knowing at the end of the day, my opinion of my behavior, all challenges, my voice, dancing like no one’s watching, my body-soul connection, tai chi moving, book reading, and the creativity that I express,

The Only Opinion that Matters is My Own.



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Brain Tracy shares how you Deserve it in his post Happiness in Life: You Deserve it!



The Power of Positivity

I’m ruminating over everything I’ve done wrong. My mood plummets when I think about my body image. If I can bring myself done so much, can’t I bring myself up?

This post is about how the thoughts we create influence our mood. How much can we control our inner environment?

The surprising truth is that your thoughts are not your reality; You dream, fantasize, and imagine. You have control of your thoughts by practicing The Art of Non-reactivity. 

We can catch our thoughts through awareness and practice self-kindness. Non-reactivity is solution-focused and who doesn’t want doesn’t love a solution to a problem? Anyone?

More on The Art of Non-reactivity and our interaction with the external environment in a future post.

The Power of Thought-Stopping

If I thought-stop and notice that this is mind speaking crazy talk to me, then I have the Power to change my thought. What should I change it to? I am thankful for how far I’ve come in my recovery. I have a brilliant radiance on my face when I go outdoors and enjoy nature for what it is: simplicity, non-striving. My connection to others that I continue to cultivate nurtures a healthy thought pattern that is uplifting.

I close with a quote that leaves me thinking that I am a part of something greater than myself.

Think of yourself as an incandescent power, illuminated and perhaps forever talked to by God and his messengers.

Brenda Ueland


Can Relapse Bring Change?

This is a more lay it all out on the table post opposed to my typical short and sweet posts. I am in recovery, as you know, but there is a difference between attending a treatment center every day and being in recovery.

What’s the difference, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Being in recovery is going to 2 months without a relapse then having a relapse and tracking back the cause (skyrocketing stress to find a job after leaving a doctorate program… reality check much? while also finding a cheap furnished place to live). Being in recovery is moving through the setbacks and knowing I can move forward.

Can relapse bring about change?

Being in recovery is going to 2 months without a relapse then having a relapse and tracking back the cause (skyrocketing stress to find a job after leaving a doctorate program… reality check much? while also finding a cheap furnished place to live). Being in recovery is moving through the setbacks and knowing I can move forward.


I’m doing recovery!

That was one certain shame moment that I brought to light. From the experience, I learned the strength and reflection that I am capable of.


I watch my thoughts more and let them pass, rather than hold on to ’em for dear life. I’m reading The Mastery of Self  and I am learning about the power I have over this voice in my head. The voice can turn evil or be my friend at times, but it is not me.

The Authentic Self is the Divine, the energy or spirit that gives life to your body and mind.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

The more I remember and practice this way of approaching life, the more I can conquer my insecurities and disturbed beliefs that plagued my sense of self all these years.


I close with the main ingredient that Miguel Ruiz Jr. includes to beat attachment and domestication (beliefs placed upon us): unconditional love.

True unconditional love starts with compassion.


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What Water Can Teach us…

At the waterfalls, 

I felt as if I was the only one there.

I felt the strength, the power,

the constant, never-ending flow rushing in front of me.

It never gives up.

Water is always flowing

over anything in its path.

Be like water.

Always flowing and steady in its environment.

I felt true bliss in those moments.


What brings calm upon you?

What Water Can Teach Us

The fire within

I have a fire within me

and it burns

for me.

The beauty I see every day,

the wonder just being happy

because I decide to be,

I cherish it.


Because this is a recent creation.

The growth and connection I feel now

has led me not to hide as much and to be

my authentic self.

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Do I Love Myself? Growth through Pain


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*A look into my mind as it evolves from negative to positive*

No, it’s easier to love other people unconditionally.

I don’t love me unconditionally (getting there).

I shouldn’t be loved like other human beings.

Judge All.

I shame. I hide

Away from compassion and realness.

I feel worthless and it’s easier to help others than myself.

I need myself.

I need unconditional love for myself.


I need the continuous practice of my values.

Those are my values… that’s how I decide what to do. How to Live.

My values are who I am.

I need to recognize how I feel and honor that.


Moments captured at Shelby Farms Park, Memphis, TN

Movement can be Incredibly Healing

Mind-Body Class also is known as Yoga

Listen to your body’s needs and care about that.

I cried because I didn’t believe I care about my body. It didn’t matter enough to be cared for. My body has no purpose so why am I living in the space. Hard truths that went on in my own head at the time.

Feel your heart, body, mind interconnect. If one is off then it throws the whole system off. This is why movement can be incredibly healing.


You are healing now, she told me.

If you ever have a crying explosion at the end of mind-body class/yoga, that’s a spontaneous emotional release. It’s a good thing to get it out even though it feels shitty at the time.

I am healing now.