What is Life

What is life

but little tiny moments

the free spirit ride

If I am not thankful

for these singular

moments in time,

Am I thankful for my life?

Am I really living?

or just reaching for

the next experience,

the next job,

the next partner,

the greener grass?

If my experience on this earth

is my perception,

then let that perception be

a perception of eternal gratitude

for what is in front of me now,

not wishing, not waiting.

How To Grow Your Spiritual Practice


‘To practice Zen is to discover one’s true nature.’        – Zen saying

Don’t we all want to discover our true nature?

I am Beginning to experience Zen Buddhism, the personal exploration of my mind-body-spirit, as a discipline. I understand Zen as sitting meditation. Sitting with a focus on breath or the details of an object, like a knot.

Why would I do this?

To harness the strength and wisdom to ride life’s ever-changing waves. Empowering the self in my everyday. I do this on my daily journey at myboldspirit.com.

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.

Martha Graham


Zen is a practice. An experience of the ‘here and now.’

Excerpt from James Harrison’s Zen

Zen in Action: Settling Your Mind

Take a few deep breaths. Look ahead of you and try to focus on a single object – a tree, a flower, an insect – stare at it and absorb all the details. Then slowly release the details and look at the object as a shape and form. It

It may become an outline filled with colour and surrounded by space. That is the aim at this stage, but if it does not, do not worry.

Focus on a picture in your mind if that works for you. Your mind will continually try to process the image – each time it does, let it go; do not allow yourself to think about it. Just sit and let it be.

Did you stop thinking? Or did your mind continue to bombard you with ideas?


Properly practiced meditation brings many benefits in its search for awareness

  • A sense of empowerment and energy
  • A compassionate and cheerful attitude
  • A feeling of inner peace and well-being
  • The ability to focus on anything for longer and longer periods of time.
  • An understanding of the beauty of the world and the value of all things living in it.



Zen in Action: Test Your Meditation Motivation

Listen to your breathing; lose yourself in the breath.

Start to hum or say ‘om’ with each breath, keeping each hum constant. Think about the vibration of the hum or think of a repeatable mantra to focus on and whisper the words quietly in your mind.

Keep this going for five minutes.

How do you feel now? Was it strange or did it feel natural?

Meditation is about learning to focus your mind on an object, say a candle, a phrase or your breathing. By focusing in, you are blocking out all the other stimuli that bring sensations, emotions, thoughts, and impressions.

With meditation your mind ceases to swing from branch to branch.


This is the essence of good meditation, after all, to break the habit of thinking to reach a more direct level of awareness and consciousness.

James Harrison



Za-zen Meditation: The core of Zen

koans: puzzles of the mind

‘Does a dog have Buddha nature or not?’

I’m learning to ponder life’s unsolvables to expand my perception.

Mu‘ : throwing out all preconceptions that you need to find an answer.  The question is both so trivial yet so mind-expanding that a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ should not be given. The Buddha nature cannot be captured by yes or no. ‘Unask the question’ is how you might interpret it.

One Zen master believed that to realize Zen, ‘You must work through every bone in your body, through every pore in your skin, filled with this question: What is Mu? And carry it night and day.’

It is about how to think; to break the ‘ego-shell’ that is the mind and to open the doors of perception. Get this enlivening book here Zen (Endless Path) by James Harrison  and begin your journey to a calm mind in the midst of the storm (stress).

Grow your spiritual practice copy

I hope you have enjoyed my sharing of James Harrison’s Powerful tool to increase your spiritual practice and knowledge.

Feed your heart,


3 Directions to Inner Peace

My journey involves the practice of this. This peace from within. How I get there will be a process. It will involve increased connection to others and to myself through daily meditation and surrendering to the direction of the universe.

3 Paths to Inner Peace copy




to the waves










To grow my spiritual connection and heal my body and mind is the journey. Thoughts shape reality and I am learning to shape my thoughts to get the reality that I can live in.

I can live above the parts of me that want to control me. I can get curious about these parts to better understand them and their needs. I can stop in my tracks or anxiety spiral and dialogue with this part. What am I anxious about right now? Ok, can I solve this problem? Does it serve me to be anxious about this situation?

By dialoguing with these parts of my mind, I can create sway my thoughts in the direction that better serves me. Using this practice, I create an impenetrable world inside myself that fends off negative self-talk.

I have made my world and it is a much better world than I ever saw outside.

Louise Nevelson


The thing is society and your family will always be there to criticize you, to make you feel inadequate or not good enough. However, the POWER lies within You to sway your mind in the light you wish it. All the power lies in you. You decide through your thoughts –> beliefs –> actions what your life will look like and feel like. No one else decides this for you. No one.


Once this POWER is realized within us, we do not feel like a victim anymore. We feel strong with the world at our fingertips. This is how we can live our lives. Not out of fear but out of a developed inner strength that we have the power to sway our thoughts and change the world we live in.



My Journey to Inner Peace

Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable.

Brenda Ueland

Always remember to

Feed your heart,



A Letter to an Influential Person

Tell Them What They Mean to You. Never be afraid to say what you mean. What your heart says is the truth, it never lies.

You taught me

that things and possessions

really don’t matter.

You taught me

how important self love is.

You taught me slowing down

to see the beauty all around me.

You taught me that sitting to breath and meditate grows my brain,

You taught me how

to grow through all the pain and uncomfortableness.

And for this

I am forever grateful.






Why Expressing Anger Is A Good Thing

The dilemma of living a creative expressive life while releasing emotions in safe environments and with safe people.

In the post, I will discuss why expressing anger is a good thing But Reacting From Anger is Not.



4 Ways to Express Anger in a Safe Way


Express anger by scribbling on paper until the pen goes through

Talk to a safe friend

Classic scream into a pillow (never to be underestimated)

Write what you are angry about – stream of consciousness – don’t stop –  it surprisingly clears up that built up energy


All emotions are valid. You don’t have control of the emotions that come up in you.

The element of control is in saying, ” I’m hurt, but I’m choosing not to play this game [of throwing unkind words, belitting] because it doesn’t serve me.”

Keeping it bottled up doesn’t serve you either.

quote-anger-is-a-symptom-a-way-of-cloaking-and-expressing-feelings-too-awful-to-experience-joan-rivers-55-66-97 2

Be brave enough to look underneath the anger. Get curious.