Why Expressing Anger Is A Good Thing

The dilemma of living a creative expressive life while releasing emotions in safe environments and with safe people.

In the post, I will discuss why expressing anger is a good thing But Reacting From Anger is Not.



4 Ways to Express Anger in a Safe Way


Express anger by scribbling on paper until the pen goes through

Talk to a safe friend

Classic scream into a pillow (never to be underestimated)

Write what you are angry about – stream of consciousness – don’t stop –  it surprisingly clears up that built up energy


All emotions are valid. You don’t have control of the emotions that come up in you.

The element of control is in saying, ” I’m hurt, but I’m choosing not to play this game [of throwing unkind words, belitting] because it doesn’t serve me.”

Keeping it bottled up doesn’t serve you either.

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Be brave enough to look underneath the anger. Get curious.