Why is there this Expectation to get somewhere

Why can’t I just be here. Now.

Why do I feel I must perform.

Excel now.

Make the most money now.

Why do I feel those values are all I see.


When I want peace in this life. I will never get it if I am constantly looking forward to what can I accomplish next. I could do this or this…

I miss the moments I am living in Now when I project into the future.

I AM… fill in the blank

I am.. Love and Curious
I wonder.. why the stars Shine
I have  a clan
I lost  attachment
I want peace and purpose every day
I am Love and Curious

I believe in change
I feel uneasy
I need hugs and patience
I worry that I don’t know the answer
I cry for myself
I am Love & Curious

I understand why I’m here
I say positive affirmations
I dream in carrying no baggage and having no wants
I try to love myself, to grow to loving me
I hope for growth
I am Love and Curious

This post started with the bold words then I filled them in this week speaking to where I’m at now. Everyone can find out more about themselves through finishing th these phrases. I know I did.