Eating disorder

Opposed to popular belief, eating disorders are not about food.

ED, as we call it, is about emotional trauma. Emotions that were never felt. Needs that were not met created a protector, the ED.

The eating disorder can be used to numb anxiety or any emotion that is too strong for this person to feel, sit with, talk about, and move through.

In recovery, we are taught the skills to feel strong emotions and cope with them in a healthy way rather than the destructive ED. 


Personal Battle with An Eating Disorder and the Strength that comes from Challenge



Are you a parent or loved one of someone in the depths of fighting a mental illness? NEDA has put together a need to know for supporting your loved one.

 Parent Tool Kit – National Eating Disorder Association



Distorted Beliefs


EDs are not all the same.


The Factors Involved in Development of an Eating Disorder